Private Dentistry Award Winners

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Our practice is extremely honoured and delighted to be Private dentistry award winners of ‘The Best Dental Practice of the Year 2022’! As an extra bonus, we were also voted highly commended for ‘The Best Team of the Year 2022’.

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Firstly, we would like to give a big thank you to the judges at the Private Dentistry Awards. All the nominees in our category were outstanding, so we our even more grateful for the recognition and are over the moon to be able to call ourselves an award-winning dental practice!

Our Principal Dentist Dr Eleni Kavouridi has said on accepting the award:
“Being Private Dentistry award winners would not have been possible without the presence and endless support from my husband Dr Johnny Irish and the presence and amazing work from my colleagues, for whom I have the deepest respect! I am very lucky and honoured to be working with you all!”

Our team celebrating as Private Dentistry award winners

The Kensington Dentist sincerely thanks each member of our team, without our win would not be possible:

  • Dr David Young
  • Dr David Jones
  • Mr Jonas Osher
  • Dr Nikos Mardas
  • Dr Christina-Maria Georgopoulou
  • Dr Sandra García Martin
  • Dr Mehy Lo Presti
  • Dr Diana Caetano
  • Suzannah Sinclair
  • Natasha Joshi
  • Yana Ariyanayagam
  • Vaida Buksmaityte
  • Marcela Danisova
  • Macleen Dionne Castro
  • Ecaterina Dinescu
  • Saba Nayeri
  • Stephanie Montecillo
  • Catherine Vilar Castro

Finally, we would also like to give a huge thank you to all our patients! Without your continuing support of our range of services, our work would not be possible.

The Kensington Dentist promises to keep up the excellent work! If you want to find out why we’re an award-winning dental practice, get in touch with us today and book an appointment!