Charles Montanaro


“Seeing the dentist” for me has never been an occasion to welcome. So much so, that prior to meeting Eleni I have not set foot in a dentist’s surgery for over two years. So it was with a degree of trepidation and interest piqued that i noticed that you had set up in Kensington Church Street near to where I live. Having watched you gradually getting established. I opened the door and became your patient number 18.

Dentistry has clearly made great advances in recent years. You offer all the most advanced equipment in a spotlessly pristine environment. In addition, you and your team could not be more delightful nor more diligent and professional. You have transformed someone who dreaded “the dentist” to one who thoroughly enjoyed the experience and cannot wait to return. Furthermore, my teeth have never looked nor felt better.

If it would be helpful to use some of these words as reference, please feel free to do so. I would recommend Eleni unreservedly and wish her every success in the future. I am wholly confident that TKD will flourish.