John Proctor


What a pleasant surprise it was to find a really top notch dental practice in Kensington. As you now know, I regularly visit London (from Toronto) and I have been disappointed with the dental care I have received on previous visits. You can’t imagine how happy I was when my hotel (in Kensington) advised that they had made for me an appointment at a dental practice right there in Kensington. My infected tooth definitely needed urgent attention. Well, what a wonderful dental practice I discovered. A bright, happy facility on Kensington Church street (a short walk from my hotel). Your practice is upbeat, friendly and offers your patients the most modern dental equipment. You and all of your staff/colleagues are warm, caring and completely professional. Because of your personal contacts/relationships, I was able to arrange, on very short notice, an appointment with a highly regarded dental surgeon (and he came to see me at your practice). I am now back on my European tour schedule (currently in Frankfurt) and I am very grateful for the kind, professional attention I received at your practice. I would/will enthusiastically recommend that practice to anyone who is looking for superior dental care in London. Again, many thanks to you and your staff/colleagues. Will drop by to say hello on my next visit to London/Kensington.